Effective July 1, 2019: As of July 1, 2019, the law governing termination of child support has been modified. Under prior law, child support stopped on a child’s 19th birthday, unless the child was incapacitated.   This caused a problem for families with teens who were still in high school at 19. This modification is…

Not without a court order. You see, going to college does not emancipate a child – even if she moves away.  The age of child support emancipation is 19* unless a child is incapacitated or still are a high school student .  Emancipation also occurs when a child gets married or enlists in the U.S….

In the recent T.M.B. case, the parents squabbled over horse costs for their teenage daughter. Their original Court order required Father was to pay horseback riding fees and buy the child a horse and a saddle. The child grew passionate about horseback riding, but Mom and Dad couldn’t agree how much to spend on a horse.

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