Our Fees

You may have seen TV ads that offer a “free consultation.” Why? Most lawyers who advertise on TV take a percentage of the winnings for their fees.  For that kind of case, the initial consultation is used to see if the recovery will be big enough to justify the work.

It’s illegal to charge a percentage fee for divorce and paternity cases.  So, your initial consultation at Bays Family Law is not just a screening tool for us.  It gives you an opportunity to get answers to your specific legal questions.  We review your facts.  We explain the law and how it applies to you. Then, we give concrete legal advice that you can use to get a better outcome.

Bays Family Law is a professional office. You would not expect to get a free consultation from a doctor who is going to provide a surgery or procedure. Why? Because the doctor performs a service in that first consultation, reviewing information about your condition, examining you, and discussing treatment options with you. Donna J. Bays provides a similar service at all of our initial consultations. She reviews information and documents. She explains the law and how it applies to your particular circumstances. She gives legal advice to help you position yourself for a better outcome.

Our consultations are not sales pitches. We don’t want you to feel pressured into hiring us the first time you come to our office. Unless there is a time-sensitive emergency, we won’t ask you to sign a representation contract during the first meeting. Representation contracts are typically emailed to clients, so that you can make a reasoned decision in the privacy of your own home.

Hourly Fees

Bays Family Law charges for services on an hourly basis. Our hourly rates are $350 for Donna J. Bays and $125 for Paralegal Services. You will also be charged for out-of- pocket expenses.  Rates may be lower for court-appointed Guardian ad Litem and Parenting Coordination services.


In order to retain our services beyond an initial consultation, you will be required to pay a retainer deposit.

Billing and Payment

Statements are usually issued monthly, so you don’t wait until the end of your case to see how much is owed. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, checks, cash, and money order.  Payments can be made online if the proper authorization has been signed.  Most clients authorize automatic payment from a credit or debit card.