Not without a court order. You see, going to college does not emancipate a child – even if she moves away.  The age of child support emancipation is 19* unless a child is incapacitated or still are a high school student .  Emancipation also occurs when a child gets married or enlists in the U.S….

10 Divorce Myths That Just Aren’t True in Indiana You can find just about anything with a Google search.  But the fact you read it on the internet doesn’t make it true.  It can be hard to tell what’s true when you’re clicking through the internet.  Here are some myths we hear over and over…

Should you file a joint return while your divorce is still pending?

In order to file a joint tax return, you have to be married at the end of the tax year. The IRS looks at your marital status as of 11:59 p.m. on December 31.

But there are still good reasons to file separately.

You’re getting divorced. You suspect that your spouse committed tax fraud. What do you do? If you signed off on a joint return and knew of the deception, you could be charged with conspiracy to commit tax fraud. That is a serious crime. Even if you’re not on the hook, it takes careful analysis to determine whether it’s in your financial best interests to air this issue.

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