Amended relocation law exempts some parents from the formal notice requirement and reduces the standard notice period to 30 days. This law applies to every party to a child custody case, grandparent visitation case, or paternity affidavit.

Gov. Holcomb was joined by ISBA Parental Relocation Task force members Donna J. Bays, Judge Lisa Berdine, Judge Julie Verheye, Sen. Randy Hood, Megan Wells, Jan Keefer, Andrew Soshnick, and ISBA Legislative Counsel Paje Felts. On May 29, 2019, Bays Family Law’s own, Donna J. Bays, stood with other Indiana State Bar Association Parental Relocation…

Not without a court order. You see, going to college does not emancipate a child – even if she moves away.  The age of child support emancipation is 19* unless a child is incapacitated or still are a high school student .  Emancipation also occurs when a child gets married or enlists in the U.S….

10 Divorce Myths That Just Aren’t True in Indiana You can find just about anything with a Google search.  But the fact you read it on the internet doesn’t make it true.  It can be hard to tell what’s true when you’re clicking through the internet.  Here are some myths we hear over and over…

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