These days, you can Google – well – anything.  So, why can’t you handle your own divorce?  Or – to put it bluntly– why should you spend money on one?

Well, an Attorney:

  1. Knows the Law. The law can be a funny thing.  You can read the words of a statute and think you know what it means.  But somewhere along the way, an appellate court issued an opinion that says something along the lines of:  “well, what this statute really meant to say is . . .”
  2. Can Be a Troubleshooter. A good attorney knows how to step in and diffuse problems before they blow up. A good lawyer will put that knowledge to work for you throughout the case.
  3. Knows What Must be Covered. Divorce cases have lots of moving parts.  It’s easy to miss something.  An experienced attorney knows what has to be there – and what you should leave out.  Your attorney can spot issues that you haven’t even considered.
  4. Knows How to Focus on What’s Most Important. Getting divorced is an emotional rollercoaster.  When you’re sad, angry, or upset, it is hard to make the best decision. Part of your attorney’s job is to serve as your calm voice of reason.  Your lawyer can help you focus on the long-term impact consequences of decisions, even when you can’t see the forest for the trees.
  5. Knows how Things Work in the Real World. An experienced attorney has seen what works and what doesn’t.  Some judges will approve just about any settlement terms; others will reject the same settlement unless the agreement contains a work-around. A good lawyer will use a customized approach to accommodate your particular judge.
  6. Guides You Through the Process. Most good lawyers have handled many, many divorces and know the procedural aspects of a divorce case inside and out.  Your attorney will analyze the facts of your situation and make recommendations to increase your ability to get what you want.  You lawyer can help you decide what documents or information you need.  Your attorney will help you put your best foot forward.
  7. Gets the Paperwork Right. A good attorney knows how to write the complex documents that your case may need.  Sloppy documents cause headaches, increase costs, and lead to future legal problems.  It’s much better to get it right the first time.

The moral of this story:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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